Body Voltage

Let us have a look at, what could create such a suction. In order to work, the body makes use of small potential differences; electricity that is. Compared to household outlets the body currents are tiny; even compared to the currents used in cars and computers body currents are miniscule. Touching a car battery gives you no shock or anything, even though it is a thousand times stronger than your body voltage.

A sound body is negatively charged, which means it has a surplus of electrons. In fluids the amount of these electrons is often indicated with a pH value.

Already small deviations disturb the cellular functions. In order to maintain these functions, each cell has the ability to store some electricity. Well charged the body has a surplus and stays tuned for any upcoming need.

Cells are created and reused all the time, many within days, weeks or months. For any cell to be renewed, the voltage must be risen substantially for the short bolt of creation.

Any injury will initiate this process of heightening the voltage to start healing. The electricity is provided foremost by the neighbouring cells, but eventually the whole body will send their share over the electric pathways. There are three main pathways, that distribute electricity throughout the body. These are the bloodstream, the tissue around the nerves and the acupuncture system.

The increased voltage is often accompanied by pulsing pain and dizziness. The main portion of recreation, after an injury occurred, is fulfilled within hours, and the pulsing will decrease.

If you are low in voltage, if the process demands more power than is available, the healing may be stalled or worse: not occur. The body may be caught up in a long term inflammation with lowered blood flow, followed by gangrene devastating the body. The lack of healthy, though uncomfortable, pulsation leaves you with a dumb pain. This is accompanied by a feeling of gravitation in the influenced body parts. Without the power needed for renewal, the body will slowly but surely return back to the earth, from which it once was created.

Common ways to recharge

So how do you charge? Most advises are like eat this or eat that! Meat, refined and cooked food is acidic. Avoid it! Raw, sprouting, juicing, organic is good for you.

But some seem to regard your soul condition important too: Stress and anger should of course be replaced with joy and a happy life with family and friends.

Grounding to the earth is beneficial too, and contact with running water. So, let´s examine the different approaches.

Eating raw seems logical, does it not? All animals eat raw! Yes, but most pets keep their body just fine eating mainly processed food from bags and cans.

Any amount of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs will generally lower your pH.

To change diet in order to raise your pH is a big challenge, and to many very costly too. And yet it might only raise your pH slightly.

Grounding your bed can be done with a sheet with silver treads in it. You will need a few hundred bucks and some installation. This will in many cases benefit you in the same way as going raw. Painstakingly little.

Taking a shower may give you a refreshing push, which will fade away rather quickly though.

Interestingly a good orgasm during sexual intercourse will raise you pH. Already the arousal can raise it way over normal, making the body ready for creation. It is occasionally advocated for a long and healthy life.

If health is your only concern though, it might be a bad idea. Because the creation of a child demands excessive input of lifeforce; and that is what you do with every orgasm; even when no child is conceived. After the act you are exhausted. You have exhausted your stored lifeforce, and therefore your pH will typically drop significantly after the act.

Swimming in the ocean is good and gets you right to the top. But for how long will you keep swimming?

Maybe the forest is better suited for your recreation; but do you have a cabin for free? Can you enjoy living in the wild permanently?

Let us get back to our pets, how do they do it? If they can stay healthy on pellets and canned food, should not we be able to do the same? This is a crucial point: Humans do not act similar to other mammals. Animals have no other choice as to be healthy. They stick to an optimal pH. Whereas we humans may have a hard time to even get close.

The cheapest solution so far may be controlling your person. Replacing temper, anger and stress from your inner life tends to rise your pH-level substantially. That means joy and happiness. Actually this is the only natural way to do it.

In order to penetrate your body with joy and happiness, soul-body misalignments have to be balanced though.

Pork tapeworm treatment

To understand the voltage thing, I could add a little story here. A woman told me, she had had an intestinal worm for approximately 30 years. It had been a relatively peaceful relationship until she got pregnant. Maybe the worm understood the growing child in her womb as a competing parasite?

While breast feeding the infant the mother felt the burden and complained. At that point her pH was low. The worm was happy with her condition, as he thrives in a bad shaped body.

So what to do? Levelling up the pH for the woman, of course. So I did. And sure enough, soon after the worm started to complain. The woman had one full hour with painful movements in the stomach. Then it calmed down.

Now for the next few hours we followed the lifeforce draining out of the worm, until there was no sign of life what so ever, and we started thinking of a celebration.

Luckily I hesitated and remembered, that the residue had to be expelled. It could pose a threat of poisoning, hence the bowel movement was sped up with three subsequent doses of Epsom salt. And sure enough, the worm was recognized as some stinky gel in the toilet.

The Exclusion Zone of Water

The reason why people – physicians, teachers and Wikipedia writers that is – still believe in the obsolete story about the heart as a pump, could be, that new discoveries only slowly penetrate science. It is a saying, that paradigms die out with their advocates. Thus it generally speaking takes half a century to see major changes hit the schoolbooks. Exclusion Zone Water is such a truth.

One of the scientist, that coined the term Exclusion Zone, Dr. Gerald Pollack, explains it with this simple experiment:

We found that if we put a simple tube, like a straw, made of hydrophilic material, in water… there’s water flow through the tube at high speed… The common idea is that if you want to drive fluid through a pipe or tube, you need to apply pressure. But we have no pressure here.1

This is similar to what happens in our veins. Thus Pollack and his coworkers investigated the tube and the water around it, to understand, what caused the current.

They found that the water, where this current works, is chemically different from H2O. The water is rather organized in a grid, like in metallic structures, around a double bond. This composition is amongst others called structured water or H3O2. The grid is hexagonal with oxygen at the nodes and hydrogen connecting the grid as seen at the picture below.

This grid is two dimensional and negatively charged. This charge can be tapped, whereby the grid collapses. It can be reinforced by exposure to sunlight or even infrared light. Formation of a grid is similar to charging a battery. Collapsing the grid is similar to tapping the battery and using its charge.

Hence, when you go sunbathing in order to charge, that is exactly, what is happening on a water structural level.

Under charge the structured water will build not only one layer, but layers upon layers, thus building boundaries, that lead and monitor not only the fluids, but also nutrients and debris in the body. Hence the name exclusion zone.

Now it becomes understandable, how the pH is maintained, how the blood flows in the body, and that the heart does indeed not pump the blood in a circulation system.

Furthermore it becomes obvious, that with low charge, the grids in the system break down and the current decreases, in which case the blood pressure increases, and your physician administers thinner!

The real purpose of the heart

So what does the heart actually do; or rather: Why do we need a heart then, if not to pump the blood around?

Admittedly, when the grid of structured water breaks down, when the body loses its charge, then the resistance in the tissue increases and the body tries to increase the blood pressure accordingly in order to sustain each and every cell in the body. The only way the body can increase blood pressure at low charge is through mechanical means, whence the heart is deemed to compensate. Acting as a pure pump though, it quickly wears out.

But the heart is not only there for the unhappy situation of a grid break down. It has a very important task, which is performed every second in our entire life. What the heart does is regulating. The pressure conditions in the body are changing all the time. You take three steps in the staircase, and immediately your muscles demand fuel. You open the door to the chilly winter gusts, and every cell in your skin contrasts. Even with every air intake pressure rises, and with exhale it decreases. All of this is compensated and regulated by the heart, responding in real time to bring about the best conditions for all of the complex organization, which we call the body.

This regulatory function of the heart is judged by the ability to adjust simultaneously. This ability of the heart to react and keep adequate blood pressure under any conditions is called Heart Rate Variability or HRV in short. When the body is healthy, the HRV is high. That is, when the grids of structured water are strong, the body is healthy and thus the heart only needs to regulate blood pressure, not generate it.

Strong grid of structured water equals high so called negative charge, which we also call high pH value.

During a Paralysis the function of the heart – as all other body functions – is hardly recognisable. The power needed to keep the charge for a functional body is held back and fed to the body in so low doses as possible, just enough to keep the body alive.

The functional side of this discharge is, that body fluids like the blood will slow down. Again, exactly as intended with a Paralysis.

Comprehending the real meaning and function of a healthy and happy heart sheds light on the first and biggest death cause: Cardio vascular diseases.