Vi ønsker at alle skal få glede av INNATE-metoden og få mulighet til å oppnå bedre mental og fysisk helse. I undermenyen vil du finne informasjon om kurs vi tilbyr, og hvordan du kan melde deg på. Du kan også se kursene våre på Facebook-siden vår. Velkommen til et oppløftende kurs hos INNATE!

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About the INNATE method

Do you feel stressed and worn out? The INNATE method lets you create – not search for – inner peace with edge sharp precicion. And you do not need the lotus position, meditation or ayahuasca! Do you need to top up? Top ups can be bought in many different styles and packages: Hollyday in the… Fortsett å lese About the INNATE method

General Questions

What is the INNATE Method? he INNATE method increases body and mind health in three ways: It resolves old conflicts and sets your body and hence your resourses free. It teaches you how to solve conflicts on the fly, and thereby keeping you healthy. Thus you will treat your self the same way, regardless of… Fortsett å lese General Questions

What a 1-1 Session offers

As you may have understood, the INNATE method is not a cure of any disease. It is a method to increase body and mind health. Thus you will treat your self the same way, regardless of conditions or diagnoses. Wether you suffer from stress or terminal cancer, the method is exactly the same. Within some… Fortsett å lese What a 1-1 Session offers

What is a conflict

Often times life looks like the person lying in the snow with one ski hanging in free air. Hence, let us take a tiny ski lesson. Standing still on the ground, look at the feet. Where do the two feet point? It is only possible to move one meter or so forward, when the feet… Fortsett å lese What is a conflict

Household of energy

Lifeforce through lifecycle At any time in life everybody has a certain amount of lifeforce at disposal. The amount ofcourse differs from person to person and is dependent on all kinds of things. If your total is high, you can party three days drunk without sleep, then crash your car into a tree with 100… Fortsett å lese Household of energy

ME/CFS Chronic fatigue syndrome

First off, let us look into the phenomenon as it is understood by the establishment. Here are some expressions from Wikipedia: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also referred to as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), is a complex, fatiguing illness. Cause is unknown and there is no cure! Symptoms of ME/CFS Cognitive dysfunction Limited ability to carry out… Fortsett å lese ME/CFS Chronic fatigue syndrome


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the hallmarks of modern warfare. Thought, in actuallity PTSD has nothing to do with war as such. It is more generally speaking a disorder, that can appear, after a person is exposed to an event, that was overwhelming. You did not have to be involved your self,… Fortsett å lese PTSD


Finnes lykke bare i eventyr? Vi lever i en verden hvor alt liksom er lagt til rette for et lykkelig liv. Likevel er mange av oss syke og ulykkelige. Vi har lært at det nytter ikke å forvente mer. Hvem ønsker å gå i kloster for å oppnå den buddhistiske munkens opphøyde ro? Munkens meditative… Fortsett å lese Introduksjonskurs

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Do you suffer from some medical conditions? Are you concerned about your or a loved ones health? Do you have a physical or psychiatric diagnosis of any kind? Then you have probably come to the right site! Whilst the INNATE methode is a way to systematically improve your bodys ability to sustain itself and strengthen… Fortsett å lese Conditions

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Fins lykke bare i eventyr?

Helgestevne Vi lever i en verden, hvor alt liksom er lagt til rette for et lykkelig liv. Likevel er mange av oss syke og ulykkelige. Vi har lært at det nytter ikke å forvente mer. Hvem ønsker å gå i kloster for å oppnå den budhistiske munkens opphøyde ro? Munkens meditative praksis handler om å… Fortsett å lese Fins lykke bare i eventyr?

Pain and stress

The causes for pain and stress are individual and personal. The way they hit and influence the body though, is semilar for most people and pretty much predictable. Thus there is little need for prolonged talks and investigatings. You do not need to open up and expose your most dreadful experiences to some unknows practitioner.… Fortsett å lese Pain and stress

ADHD og PTSD er Traumer

«Traume og sjokk er en indre tvangstrøye som skapes når et ødeleggende øyeblikk fryser til – og vedblir over lengre tid.» Det kan være et øyeblikk som kom for fort på. Det kan være en hendelse som var for voldsom, eller det kan være noe, som bare blir for mye over tid. Første kategorien kan… Fortsett å lese ADHD og PTSD er Traumer

The polyvagal theory

Here is the foreword to the article in Wikipedia: The Polyvagal theory (gr. ‘polus’, “‘many’” + ‘vagal’, «‘vagus nerve’») specifies two functionally distinct branches of the vagus, or tenth cranial nerve. It serves to identify the relationship between visceral experiences and the vagus nerve’s parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. The theory… Fortsett å lese The polyvagal theory

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