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  • First rule for a successful magician

    First rule for a successful magician

    If you want to become a successful magician you will most likely want to know how to get there without any ado. Most of what you can find out there is blurred and obscured to say the least. There is no end to the affirmations and meditations, which you need to dive into for minutes […]

  • Child’s connection to her passed away father

    My daughter lost her father in a car accident shortly before her sixth birthday, and the chock got stuck in her system. She has not been able to go into the pain to any great extent, but it haunts her, and it has gradually gotten worse. After a panic attack I contacted Ole Blente, who […]

  • Back pain

    My first meeting with Ole was in the beginning of 2021. My friend had spoken warmly of him, and I was very exited about meeting him. It so happened that a week before the meeting I had gotten a terrible pain in my lower back, and I didn’t understand how it had come about. I […]

  • Two withering kittens

    Two withering kittens

    The story I want to tell you is about two tiny kittens that were found left alone at the road side. So why would you care? Well, what is harmful to a kitten is likely to be harmful to an infant too. Therefore this story pretty much applies to everyone of us! The kittens were […]