About the INNATE method

Do you feel stressed and worn out?

The INNATE method lets you create – not search for – inner peace with edge sharp precicion. And you do not need the lotus position, meditation or ayahuasca!

Do you need to top up?

Top ups can be bought in many different styles and packages: Hollyday in the south, yoga, mindfulness, stressmastering, massage, and lots of different flavours of theraphy. Most of it will help; for a short while.

Top up for real is priceless!

Sadly, you do not get top up for real of the shelf. You cannot even buy it for money. Top up for real is all about your ability to live so, that you stay your ground, regardless what happens around you.

Have you come to a dead end?

  • Are you fed up with: «You will have to live with your conditions!»
  • Have you understood, that you can not buy health at the health food store?
  • That your physician can not take responsibility for your health, regardless of what he says?

It can be hard to swallow, when you understand, that real, long term help does not come from outside. When you fathom, that the responsibility for your health is yours and yours alone. When you then look around you and see no light in the darkness!

INNATE sheds light on your conditions

INNATE makes it possible to take action and soothe the systemic stress of your body, and as a biproduct you eventually can take control over your health. Burn out and power deficit never comes out of the blue. You have learnt to handle your economy predictably, without starving before the next payday. «Surplus» is just another comodity to care for and balance.

With INNATE you can adress most chronic conditions, because they are highly dependent on you general health. Thus you can expect betterment with stress and depression, with anoreksia and bulemia, even with a crumbling relationship. With your INNATE tools you can search for, find and balance underlying causes.

It pays of though to deal with your general situation first, because then the rest is just that: The crumbles decorating the surface of your life. Creating lasting and deep change is less about searching for problems and smoothing the surface.

Therefore we will start out with potential traumas originating in conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood. We care less about the socio-economic background, about what caused your mother to do, what she did, and more about calming the autonomous nervous system. Technically we reset the dorsal vagus and calm down sympaticus, both of which keep the body alarmed. Next we soothe the main organs, being exhausted after years of strain. This is in actuality a work of love and forgiveness, build on long experience and modern science. You dont need to reinvent the wheel, merely comprehend and use, what is given to you, thus paving the way for a life in wellbeing and happiness.

Traumatic stress, ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , PTSD – posttraumatic stress disorder, CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome, FM – fibromyalgia, autism and more; all these conditions are highly influenced or directly caused by the state of your autonomous nervous system.

Spending some few minutes on a daily basis can eventually change the way we experience and handle our everyday challenges. The feeling, that life is a devastating and strenous fight, will calm, and the chronical conditions may come under control. With time you will find yourself in a position to refine the details one bit after the other.

In order to make the above mentioned changes we need to exercise and master two essential skils: The lifesense and the ability to balance processes in the body.

It is not nesessarily scary, even if it looks so!

Revive the lifesense

Perceiving and reconnizing patterns in the subconcious is not what we do most in our everyday life. It goes without saying, that the place, where these patterns are stored, is called the subconcious. What is stored there, is understood as unavailable to the concious mind. Luckily we have a sense with the ability to reach down there: The life sense. Only, the community of modern science will not know of more than five senses; thus most of us neglect this INNATE sense.

Well, that is not a problem really. You just have to rediscover and exercise this little known sense. It is somewhat like the forest, that seemingly in nothing but forest; until you get aquainted with some of the inhabitants like ash and rowan. Then all of a sudden you will see ash and rowan every where, and you might wonder, if they really were there yesterday!

Balancing body processes

Bodily processes are usually not conciously accessible. Regardless how hard you try, you cannot adjust your bodytemperature or your heart rate at will. They are not controlable by sheer willpower or brutal force. And yet it is not enough to perceive the problems, we have to be able to balance them too.

However, a lot of processes in the body are controlled from outside, only we do not pay attention. When we catch sight of a ripe fruit, what happens? The mouth is filled with saliva. You can feel, how it flows from below the tounge and soon covers the mucosa awaiting a tasty bite. This complex biochemical process is triggered by the mere sight of the fruit! Even when we talk about the fruit or recal the taste of a good meal, salivation occurs! Thus we know, we are indeed able to control, what is otherwise said to be uncontrolable!

Typically we may have some permanent stress as a consequence of a traumatic incident. Hence the task is to check the state of the nervous system and eventually inform it, that it is safe now. The war is over, relax! Now the big psoas muscle can let go of its tension in the lumbar vertebrae, breath can sink deep down into the stomach and the heart can again beat vibrant and in tune. Controlling the forces of the body is not mere superficial gossip; we are digging deep into chemical and physical body functions.

Initially it was mentioned, that sheer willpower wount do the job here. Nevertheless, it is crucial to concentrate and focus the consiousness for a period of time on the results, you want to happen. We are not used to. Here the INNATE method comes handy with an approach as to how to work through the matter, targeted and systematically.

Yet more unusual is it to realize, that you cannot achieve change through thought. To the contrary. Thinking in and of itself is actually preventing the change you try to think out. We indeed have to think, understand and deside, which changes we are going to pursue. But when that is done, all thoughts and worries have to come to rest in order for the change to occur. Thinking does indeed nag on the health, but cannot heal neither the subconcious nor the chemistry of the body.

For that we need a very different power than thinking. What is needed is the all changing power of love. A more technical explanation could be, that through the delta-state of the nervous system, we get access to the electromagtic power of the heart, which enables us to overwrite old recordings on the magnet tape of life.

Is it possible? Somebody did it!

Can I do it? If one can, everybody can!

But are you willing to do, what it takes?

What INNATE is not:

INNATE is by definiton no alternative medicine, in that it offers no medical or psychological diagnoses or treatment of diagnoses. The INNATE method is not about kures or miracles. You will get neither pills nor needles. If you need a diagnoses or a cure for a condition: Visit your physician!

We offer:

We offer courses online and on site, where you can learn to work systematically with your lifesense and your autonomous nervous system. We also offer support and guidance 1-1 on site, via video/telephone, chat and email.

We offer guidance about relationships, where we reveal imbalances and help them out or set a new course. Being together for decades without really knowing why is exhausting. Bringing wishes and longings to the surface may be relieving either way.

We offer counseling for parents, where we can help creating compliance between diffent conciousness levels. For instant, it is diffecult for a child to behave, when an incident during pregnancy created a basic feeling, that the child is not welcome or that the mother is not there for the child. This is traumatic and often leads to ADHD-like diagnosises and ultimately autism.

With our concious thought we can think, that the child is welcome and that we love it. But the child has to get the message in a way, that penetrates deep into the subconcious. Perception, pregnancy and birth make up for most of all fateful traumas, that control most everything about schooling, who we marry, and which chronic illnesses we develop, that ultimately put the last nail in the coffin. Balancing these traumas early in the childs life will make life disproportionally easier and eventually lower many of the risks, childhood and adolescence throws at our children.

Most people have the capacity to understand and grasp the implications described on this site. They will be able to fathom the consequences, mostly forgotten traumas may have on their current and future health. Exercising with friends at home or with participants at our courses will eventually let them take responsibility for their own health.

Not everybody will be willing to do, what is needed to obtain happyness and good health. To know how, is not enough, but it definitly helps!

Picture above: A cat resting peacefully.