About the INNATE Method

Civilization related diseases are now adding up. We literally pas them on to the coming generations. A simple example is the pregnant urban woman, trying to keep up with her busy career and a brittling family life. This is hardly possible without permanent stress. For the coming child to be conceived and live in stress, deprives it of thriving, of the joy of life, and may even cripple it for the rest of its life.

Hence, if we want to break this wicked circle, we have to develop the skills to deal with the underlying causes. Simply put they can be divided in some few categories: Previous incidents, that left us lamed – also called traumas – and the bad choices of our every day.

The bad choices of our every day are what normally get our attention. To help us in this regard a gigantic industry stands at our disposal. Think of supplements like vitamins and minerals. Training studios and equipment. Diets and cures. Mindfulness and meditation. Sad to say, to most of us it does not really pay off until stress and trauma are dealt with at a very deep and specific level. This is what the INNATE method is all about.

Take care of yourself first

Maybe you would like to give this book to somebody, you love. That is fine. If you find this book important, how could you keep it for yourself? That would be selfish, would it not?

However, did you ever travel by airplane? If so, did you take the time to read the instructions about the oxygen mask?

Take a look at picture 1. This little stripe tell it all. You have to help yourself, before you help even your child. Because you have to stay awake and alive in order to take care of your child. If you feverishly tries to give the child a mask before you take one yourself and faints in the process, what happens? The child will not be able to fullfill the task. Neither for him self, nor for you. Your fear, that the child should faint, may be real, but as soon as you have secured yourself, it will only take seconds before the child is taken care of, and you will both be well.

This rule does not only apply to airflights. It applies to everything in life. You have to take care of yourself in order to help your loved ones.

If you are afraid of something, do you not think, it matters for your kids? If you cannot teach them how to grow vegetables or to hike in the woods, how should they ever get to acknowledge a healthy lifestyle? If you are too stressed to pay attention, how should they feel loved? Hence, make sure to use this airflight instruction on any aspect in life!

What INNATE is and is not

INNATE is a systematic approach to alleviate the loads primarily imposed on us through the way, we were conceived, born and raised. This will level up the body´s ability to heal itself and thus potentially help with some of or even all our issues.

The INNATE method has two distinct different steps. One is to balance emotional trauma. This is what psychotherapy is about.

During the time, when the emotional traumas – the soul-body misalignments – were active, the body carried them by maintaining sophisticated patterns of tensions. These tensions are deadly long term through their associated chronic diseases. Thus we also want to ensure, that subsequently these tensions are released. Hence another step of the INNATE method is about awakening the body to a thriving life.

INNATE offers no specific medical or psychological diagnosis. Nor does it offer any treatment for diagnoses from your physician or psychiatrist. The INNATE method is not about cures or miracles. You will get neither pills nor needles. If you need a diagnosis or a cure for a condition: Visit your physician or psychiatrist!

Although there are many helpful physical exercises out there – both obtained by practitioners and for self help – none of these are part of the INNATE method. They will not even be mentioned. As the name indicates, the INNATE method works at another level. We do not use any physical force in order to adjust conditions in the body.