A Hike in the Fog

Let us take an example and see, how the lower defence systems work in real life. Well, some imagined real life that is. Let us say, we have some guys. They are good friends, well trained and fit. It is autumn, but the day is bright and the sky is clear. They decide for a happening in the mountains.

Well equipped they walk the track, backpacks full of good food and stuff. After some hours of vigilant walk they arrive at the destination with beautiful view over the valley, with small streams playing in the cool sunlight and waterfalls thundering in the background.

They make themselves comfortable and light a fire. Some small instruments happened to join in the backpack with cheese and bread, and the good friends enjoy them selves with laughter, songs and stories.

No way out: Paralysis

It was a long way to get here, and the day is passing; time to break up. Everybody is happy and helpful clearing the campsite, before the descent starts.

Well under way, some tiny, crispy snowflakes descend. The sky has become milky. The well trained guys do not bother; they are used to some chill. But soon a gust of wind drags a whirl along and all of a sudden they are shrouded in an ascending snowstorm.

Well, this is their mountain. They know each inch of it. Don´t worry, here is the path! The friends keep reconfirming, that there is no danger. But gone were the merry voices, gone was eye contact and friendliness. As they can hardly see each other the group breaks up; each of them finds their way back on their own.

Well, not really. As the group disintegrated, one guy completely lost track. Soon darkness fell, and the last trace of hope slipped.

At this point some underlying consciousness took the word:

You have done well my fellow, but now I cannot let you continue. For the next level of defence I need the power, that still resides in the body.

Without even knowing about it, his consciousness had changed. Almost invisibly an impulse penetrated his body. Suddenly the struggle was over. He did not feel the cold stings of the snowflakes attacking him in the whirling gusts. Feeling warm and comfortable, he sank down in the soft enveloping snow. Slowly his muscles contracted and his curled body disappeared in the drifting snow.

– The storm had calmed and the blistering white snow made a wonderful contrast to the deep blue morning sky. Together with a bunch of people from the nearby village the friends went searching. After some hours a dog found the cold, lifeless body. He was transported down to the valley and taken care of.

Coming to life

After hours of intensive care, the body responded with a weak, but distinct breath and pulse. The body had overcome the vegetative state.

More hours passed. What would the outcome be? Would he be able to restore his language and mobility, or would he stay like a vegetable for ever?

The next day brought the longed for change. All of a sudden he woke like from a nightmare with rolling eyes, that scanned the circumference for dangers. For a short moment he was back in the reptilian state of fight or flight. Then he recognized the worried faces of his beloved family and friends around him.

Everybody sighed in relief, the patient too. He felt the love and support, and soon everybody were laughing, crying, hugging and comforting each other.


This was a description of a natural, but very unpleasant way into a Paralysis and the happy way out of it. What mostly happens in human life is far from natural, whence the consequences long term are very different.