What a 1-1 Session offers

As you may have understood, the INNATE method is not a cure of any disease. It is a method to increase body and mind health. Thus you will treat your self the same way, regardless of conditions or diagnoses. Wether you suffer from stress or terminal cancer, the method is exactly the same. Within some few lessons you will have:

  • Identified the most important trauma, hiding in you body
  • Ballanced crucial consequences theirof
  • Feel the calm spreading throughout your body as it lets go of stress
  • Learn how to master the conflicts, that leads to suffering

You will now know from experience, that only some parts of your stress origin in your job or familysituation. Simply because the part or your stress, that originated in old traumas, overrules your everyday.

As you relieve your traumas, what is left are things, that you will have to deal with on a dayly basis. It is all about your habits. This is about learning to solve each and every conflict and thereby prohibit the creation of new traumas.

That said, one 1-1 session may indeed look very different from the other. An atlethe with compartment syndrome will mentally grasp the basic skils quickly, but have to work consentrated on his legs. A businessman, who suffers a burn out, may need to soothe his nervous system first in order to even think, and then – because his condition is very general – his progress will follow with little attention to his body, but rather to his everyday habbits.

One person will wish to get the stress out of the body the sooner the better, where as another wants to understand and make each and every step on his own. That is up to you!

We offer a variety of services. If you do not find, what you are looking for, just ask!